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Courses in this category are recommended for advanced boaters and have one or more prerequisites.

Junior Navigator

Junior Navigator is the first of a two-part program of study in offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to course using GPS for offshore navigation with sun sight taking using a sextant as a backup technique. The more advanced techniques for other celestial bodies and sights are for study in the subsequent Navigation Course.

Navigation mondiale

This Navigation course deals with learning celestial positioning on other bodies in addition to the sun.  You will first learn to reduce these sights by the Law of Cosines method. Later in the course you will learn an additional method of sight reductionb, the Nautical Almanac Sight Reduction  (NASR) method. You will also learn about sight planning techniques.  With that knowledge, you will have the tools to take sights and complete your Navigation Sight Folder.